And so it begins…

I’m sitting at work, just about to go to lunch and making my first post here. The state of play before I started on this overambitious undertaking is that I’ve read two books – Iceworld by Hal Clement and The Robot and the Man, a short story collection edited by Martin Greenberg.  I’m also half way through The Mixed Men by A. E. van Vogt.

So, In the upcoming days I’ll have to do a retrospective on the two I’ve read.

I also have waiting in my ‘library’ (a euphamism for my bookshelf, but hereafter the term I’ll use, you’ll never know that unless you read this post) Journey to Infinity, another collection edited by Martin Greenberg, and The Dawning Light by Robert Randall.  On their way as I write this are Mutant by Lewis Padgett, The Philosophical Corps by E. B. Cole – incidentally, the very last Gnome Press publication, and All About the Future, yet another collection from Greenberg.

I guess there will be quite a lot of activity over the next few days and then it’ll taper off as I get into a steady routine of acquisition and review punctuated by other stuff.


...Report in...

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