I’m off to New Zealand tomorrow. I haven’t been back for 18 months. The longest time I’ve been away since I moved to Korea. Not sure how much action the blog will see in the two weeks I’m away. I’m taking a couple of Gnome books with me so I might get through them – I’ll be 13 hours non-stop each way on the plane for a start.
I’ve learned something too. I need to read a book with an eye to doing a review. I’ve been working on reviews for The Robot and the Man and The Mixed Men, but as I read those books before this undertaking was a fully fledged idea, I’ve discovered I don’t have the information I need to do justice to a decent review. I just read them for pleasure without really thinking too much about them from a review perspective. I’ll have to read them again. As a result, it might be a little while more before we see the reviews for those two books.  I’m reading Journey to Infinity at the moment with a pencil and paper handy and taking the odd note to help me with the review.


...Report in...

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