Another SF blogger in Korea

I just discovered Gord Sellar’s blog.  A fellow blogger here in South Korea (of which there are many) but who grabbed my attention in the fact that he blogs – amongst other things – science fiction.  Now, I’m just a ordinary guy trying to do reasonable job of something that interests me and hopefully a few other people out there might find mildly interesting too.  Gord is a writer, and published to boot.  Nice.  I’ll add a link to him as I suspect I’ll be checking him out on the odd occasion.  Good to know I’m not alone in cyberspace.  In Korea.  In science fiction.


One Response to “Another SF blogger in Korea”

  1. Hey man, you surprised me with that link! Excellent stuff here.

    You’re far from alone, though we’re a bit thinner on the ground. I’ve met a number of SF people here, online and off, Korean and Western. 🙂

    Anyway, you might be interested in my series on SF in Korea, and also the links on SF in Korea, one of which even includes a cache of Korean SF in English translation! 🙂

    I see you’re in Seoul — I’m in Bucheon, so not so far away. February is a bit crazy for me, but maybe we can work in some time in March to meet up someplace for a beer or two…

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