It all depends on your point of view

I have just found, and have been perusing Bill the SciFi Guy’s blog From a Sci-Fi Standpoint.  Bill and I are on similar missions.  He’s made a decision to read and review a lot of science fiction books and dedicate a blog to the endeavor.  Some many and varied books have come under his microscope and I’m looking forward to keeping up with Bill’s progress.  Good stuff – I’ll be a regular visitor over there.  I’ve posted a link over on the left.


One Response to “It all depends on your point of view”

  1. Hey there! Thanks for noticing my little blogging endeavor.

    I admit to never having heard of Gnome Press, but I really like what you’re doing here, so I’ll be adding a link right away. I’m not a serious collector of any particular type of book (1st editions or what have you), but I enjoy reading about other people’s collecting (and reading) adventures.

    Great work, see you around!

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