This Week in the Electric Universe

eulogoApr 06, 2009, The Coming of the Sky Dancers
The message is increasingly clear: auroras can be extremely violent events.

Apr 07, 2009, Misplaced Mavericks
Why do stars in the Sun’s local neighborhood vary in their chemical composition? They should all be products of the same nebular cloud.

Apr 08, 2009, Plasma Volcanoes
The recent eruption of Mt. Redoubt in Alaska calls to mind the skeptical imperative to doubt again the accepted explanations of vulcanology.

Apr 09, 2009, Star Formation in the Southern Pinwheel
The extended arms of M83 appear to show active star-forming regions where they should not exist. Does this help to confirm the Electric Universe theory?

Apr 10, 2009, Greater and Greater Attractors
Galaxy clusters are being pulled by a force emanating from “beyond the horizon” of the universe. Could electrified plasma be the culprit?


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