Gnome Press, 25% down and 75% to go!!

Well, it’s been a whirlwind 6 months, but we are a quarter of the way there.  Time for a little reflection.  First of all, I am surprised at how exciting this has been.  I have always wanted to collect books, and my dream is to have my own library (you know, a couple of levels inside with one of those big brass ladders that runs around the walls).  So to be actually doing this is great.  It’s addictive.  I need that buzz of knowing that there are books on the way and it’s always a thrill to get books in the post and check them out for the first time.  I’ll never forget the feeling of having that maiden Robert A. Heinlein 1st edition in my hands…

The second thing is I’ve come in contact with some very friendly and helpful dealers and collectors and learned a lot.  People have been very willing to give me anecdotes and a bit of history if they can.  I appreciate all of it very much.

There are 86 volumes in the Gnome Press publication catalog.  That’s regular hard-cover books.  There are of course some other bits and pieces like a small amount of paperbacks, newsletters and a couple of calendars and so forth, and one limited edition volume (which incidentally, a copy of which is ear-marked for me… thanks Geoff).  Below are the 22 volumes I have in my Library thus far in what I think is order of publication.  Click the pic for a bigger and more detailed view.

So, where to from here??  I’m under no illusions it’s only going to get more expensive and more difficult.  My frenetic pace of acquisition will be slowing down.  The next 25% will be slower and so too the next, and the final quarter… well… gulp… that giant monster ‘I, Robot’ lurks.  However, the road to 50% does start with a bang – I already have seven volumes nailed down and due when I get around to paying for them over the next month or so.  I’m now going to do something rather inane and compile a kind of highlights package of 0 – 25%.

Best Condition:
The Thirty-First of February by Nelson Bond – Fine

Worst Condition:
Iceworld by Hal Clement – ex-library

Most Expensive:
The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag by Robert A. Heinlein – $210

The Philosophical Corps by Everett B. Cole – $15

0 – 25% Average Price:
$57 – wow really?? shhh… don’t tell my wife…

Best Read So Far:
Robots Have No Tails… by Lewis Padgett

Worst Read So Far:
The Philosophical Corps by Everett B. Cole

Surprise Package:
Agent of Vega by James H. Schmitz. For two very different reasons. The book was in poorer condition than I expected, it has crappy cover art but it was an unexpectedly good read. Highly recommended.

Best Moments:
Getting my first RAH 1st edition (Hoag).
Being wonderfully entertained by Padgett’s Robots Have No Tails.
Getting hooked by Martin Greenberg’s ‘Adventures in Science Fiction Series’ concept collections.
Discovering Nelson Bond – what a great writer that guy is.

To wrap this post up, I’m having a fantastic time in this endeavor. I’m discovering new authors, reading some wonderful stories and accumulating a slice of real science fiction history. I hope you stick with me.


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