New things

The most immediately noticeable new thing is the new header I made last night. The couple riding the rocket came from a car ad on Plan 59.  They have some excellent retro art from ’50s advertisements and such.  Some nice science fiction art there too.  There is a new page up.  The somewhat awkwardly titled Reference Errata, Anomolies, Trivia & Other General Info page.  It will be a kind of holding area for stuff that doesn’t find neatly into either the Review or the Close Up.  Things like editions of the books that are different than what I have, state info and any other miscellaneous trivia I see fit to include.  I guess there will be a bit of doubling up between the regular blog content in the Reviews and Close Ups, and that page, but I don’t think it matters too much.  Enjoy.


...Report in...

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