More on the way…

Yesterday I paid and today they were posted.  Two more of the ‘Adventures in Science Fiction Series’ collections that I have grown to love so much.  Travelers of Space and the first in the series Men Against the Stars along with the anthology Five Science Fiction Novels.  All edited by Gnome Press co-founder, Martin Greenberg.  In addition, packed in with them is a dust jacket for Children of the Atom and the uncommon blue version of the jacket for ‘Travelers’.  Men against the Stars has sensational cover art by Edd Cartier too.  I am certainly looking forward to receiving them maybe sometime next week.  It’s always a nevous wait.  I hope they are in good as condition as they seemed to be in the photos I saw.  Not that they were perfect, but they weren’t too shabby either.  Come to think of it, I never made sure to check out the back of the books… Here’s hoping.


...Report in...

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