The Complete Book of Outer Space – Part 4 of 14

Space Suits

Dr. Donald H. Menzel then Acting Director of Harvard College Observatory, enlightens us as to the requirements of Space Suits.  Most interesting here are the artists concept illustrations of how they imagine space suits will really look.  Fascinating.

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Dr Menzel was a UFO critic and wrote several books on the subject. He also wrote widely on stellar matters. Check out this Big Bang article he wrote back in 1932 and published in that year’s Popular Science magazine. Courtesy of the Modern Mechanix blog – a very interesting site and kudos to the owner over there.

After reading that article, I’ve just got to pass comment on the supposed redshift vs distance law that astronomer Edwin Hubble originated.  I don’t understand why it hasn’t been abandoned, or at very least come under heavy objective scrutiny.  In actual fact, Hubble himself had misgivings about that particular interpretation of his data.  With the advance of observational techniques in the last half century or so, it has been determined that objects with very different redshifts are physically connected.  See a high redshift quasar in front of a galaxy here, connected objects with different redshifts here and a statistical improbability involving objects with disparate redshifts here.  However, dogma is not abandoned, but rather the new data marginalised, ignored and suppressed because so much hangs on the status quo being maintained.

Next installment on the 29th of May – The High Altitude Program – was written by Robert P. Haviland, director of Project Hermes at White Sands.


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