Yesterday I reshot the covers of all of the books that I have pics for so far.  There are of course more books I haven’t photographed yet, but I think I have refined the technique (at least for the cover shots) so I’ll get pretty consistent results from now on.

It was an interesting exercise.  I took all the dust jackets out of their protective covers so as to minimize any reflections.  Because most of them arrive protected thus, this was the first time I had many of them out.  I had a good look at some of the jackets and I replaced many of the protectors as the old ones were not up to the standard of the Brodart ones I like to have.

I spent a bit of time in Photoshop last night fixing the pics up.  Nothing too extensive, just upping the exposure and contrast a little.  The major thing was removing the background.  But because I photograph the books in a simple lightbox of my own manufacture it was reasonably straight forward.

The other hassle was that because I replaced the previous images over on the Gnome Press Flickr site, all the links got broken.  I had to go all through this site (and a couple of other places) and repair them all.  But, it’s all done now and I am much more comfortable with the results.


...Report in...

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