The Complete Book of Outer Space – Part 8 of 14

Life Beyond Earth
Willy Ley

Noted space and science writer – particularly on the subject of rocketry – Willy Ley has a crack at speculating on the possibility and form of life on other planets. What is most interesting here is the assumptions that were made about Mars and Venus as capable of harboring life.  Just prior to this assertion, Ley comments that observations by each new generation of astronomers whittled away the notion of extraterrestrial life, first on the Moon, and then Mercury.  Perhaps he could have used a bit of circumspection and extrapolation of this argument before telling us that there is plant life on Mars.  However, as always it makes for interesting reading – a time capsule from a period when imagination fueled discovery, not the other way around.

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In a couple of weeks time, namesake of the prestigious Hugo award, Hugo Gersnback speculates on the Exploitation of the Moon.


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