The Complete Book of Outer Space – Part 9 of 14

Exploitation of the Moon

Science Fiction legend Hugo Gernsback speculates on the need for, and possible methods of extracting resources from the moon.  The tag-line under the title of the piece introduces Gernsback as an “Pioneer of Science Fiction and Outstanding Science Prophet.”  Indeed he was, and rightly deserves his reputation as one of the fathers of modern science fiction.  This article though, suffers from the idealism of the times and presents an almost child-like speculation of the matter.  Nonetheless, it shares the historical points of interest, charm and naivete that all the articles in this publication possess to a greater or lesser extent. Enjoy.

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In a couple of weeks time, the then Technical Director of the British Interplanetary Society, Leslie R. Shepherd has a look at the issues surrounding Interstellar Flight.


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