Off to New Zealand tomorrow…

My vacation begins.   Back to NZ for a couple of weeks, back to Korea on the 21st and then I have an extra 7 days before returning to work.  Why an extra 7 days??  Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education policy for minimizing the spread of  the dreaded Swine Flu.  I have to stay cloistered at home for a week after returning to Korea, noting my general health and reporting smartly to medical authorities should I show any ‘flu-like’ symptoms.  Hey, I’m not complaining…

I’m especially looking forward to seeing my kids.  They are growing up so fast and I miss out on a lot.

On the GP front, there are 6 books waiting for me.  another copy of both ‘Space Lawyer’ and ‘Agent of Vega’, a copy of ‘Minions of the Moon’, two copies of  ‘Shambleau and Others’ – one with dust jacket and one without, and a jacketless copy of ‘Northwest of Earth’.  As a result I don’t need to take a GP book away with me, I can make a start on ‘Shambleau’ once I get there.


...Report in...

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