The Complete Book of Outer Space – Part 11 of 14

The Spaceship in Science Fiction

A few days late, this installment is put together by the editor of this book, Jeffrey Logan.  There is little substance to this piece, and the issue of “Spaceships in Science Fiction” is only really examined by the many fine photos and illustrations that make up the bulk of the chapter.  There are a couple of things of interest though.  First is a comment in passing that the Logan makes about science fiction writing being an ‘art’.  I thought this an illuminating observation made by a writer in the 1950s as to how SF was viewed by some.  The other thing was the mention of Hugo Gernsback and his suggestion that science fiction writers be given automatic patent rights over any technology they describe, supported by his description of ‘remote hands’ that came to be.  I forget the name of those hands at present, anyway, enjoy!!

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In a couple of weeks the eminent Dr. Wernher von Braun sends A Plea for a Coordinated Space Program.

Waldo. That’s what they’re called, I just remembered. Interestingly, the Remote Manipulator wikipedia page credits Robert Heinlein with their imagining.


...Report in...

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