This Week in the Electric Universe

eulogoAug 31, 2009 The Trouble with the Trifid
What is reasonable is often determined by what is familiar, traditional, consensual.

Sep 01, 2009 Carina Breakdown
The Carina Nebula can’t be seen. Natural eyesight, unaided by technological enhancements such as telescopes, doesn’t respond to the meager glow.

Sep 02, 2009 Forever Blowing Bubbles
The Hubble Space Telescope team refers to the active elliptical galaxy NGC 1275 in the nearby Perseus Cluster as a “magnetic monster” with a black hole at its core. However, the filamentary structure indicates electrical activity.

Sep 03, 2009 Noisy Space—Electric Space
A recent press release announced the measurement of background radio noise over six times what was “hoped for” based on data from a NASA-funded high altitude helium balloon.

Sep 04, 2009 Magnetic Disconnection
Problems with various theories could be resolved if mistaken identity were considered.


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