Book Meme: My Life as Literature

Bill the Sci Fi Guy has an entertaining exercise on his blog.  Copy the following questions, and answer them using only the titles of books you have read in 2009! Have fun. If you join in, or have already done so, please leave a link so we can all see your answers.

1 Describe Yourself: This Fortress World

2 How do you feel: The Philosophical Corps

3 Describe where you currently live: The Forgotten Planet

4 If you could go anywhere, where would you go: Journey to Infinity

5 Your favorite form of transportation: Rocket Ship Galileo (a)

6 Your best friend is: Space Lawyer

7 You and your friends are: Cosmic Engineers

8 What’s the weather like: The Shrouded Planet

9 Favorite time of day: The Dawning Light

10 You wish your life was a: Pattern for Conquest

11 What is life to you: All About the Future

12 Your fear: The Reality Dysfunction (a)

13 What is the best advice you have to give: Return to Mars (a)

14 Thought for the Day: Robots Have No Tails

15 How you would like to die: The Sword of the Lictor (a)

I’ve used the Gnome Press books I’ve read this year as a priority and supplemented with audio books (a) I’ve listened to where I can’t make GP titles fit satisfactorily. Number 10 was a bit strange, but regardless, cheers Bill, cool exercise!!


One Response to “Book Meme: My Life as Literature”

  1. Great answers!

    I don’t recall where I first saw this meme, or if it was even an sf-related site, but it seems to me science fiction readers will have the most interesting answers for it.

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