Distinct Lack of Progress II

I think I left my motivation on the far side of last Christmas.

I haven’t even posted any Electric Universe stuff for about six weeks or so. There’s some very interesting stuff in there that I’ll summarize here at some point in the near future.

I’ve had to ditch those three books I was getting. Things are biting at home and we’ve had to rein in a little. It didn’t help that I was on vacation for a couple of weeks – so instead of just going to work and not spending money, I was at the cafe most days, spending money and not reading Judgment Night because I was too busy twiddling on my iPhone. They have great wifi (wi-fi?) there.



2 Responses to “Distinct Lack of Progress II”

  1. Don’t panic, Aaron; we’ve all been there…
    Once in a while, I find this habit I have of spending most of my money in this pile of tan paper with a colorful cover to be the most stupid and pointless urge in the world. It’s like smoking you know… I think I’ve sworn a dozen times it was the last one but I’m still about to get a new pack…
    Same thing with books… We all have our ups and downs when it comes to collecting stuff… Probably not the brightest idea in the world in the first place… And then you start this “new” book -although you’ve sometimes had it for years- and it makes all worth it. You’re suddenly out of this world for a few hours with the feeling you’ve lived one of the greatest adventure of your life…and you’re back on the bay for more.
    Sometimes just the sight of the book when I open the parcel gives me a kick that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world…
    Not to mention that what you do on this blog is very educational and very helpful to beginner collectors, so… take a break, recharge those batteries… I know you’ll be back anyway… 😉
    Chris 😉

  2. Cheers for the support Chris…

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