New Arrival

The Judith Merril-edited SF’57: The Year’s Greatest Science Fiction and Fantasy arrived today.  Looks good as described on eBay.  Mighty fine buy for the price, I think.  We’ll have a look at it soon as it came with no jacket protector and I need to photograph it smartly and get it bundled up safely.  I’m looking forward to reading it actually (if I can ever get past Judgment Night…) as it contains another short story from Zenna Henderson and also Ms Merril’s illuminating prefaces to each story.  Check out the Review of SF:’58 to see what I mean.


2 Responses to “New Arrival”

  1. I’ve always wanted to track down and read these Judith Merril collections. I read some of the later ones in the 1960s when I was growing up. But your review of the 1958 volume was damning with faint praise. I hope you find more gems in the other volumes. I’m looking forward to your reviews.

    • Cheers James. The only one I’m lacking now (from the Gnome Press perspective) is the 1959 installment. Cheers for the encouragement, God knows I need it at the moment… 😉

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