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A while ago, Christophe sent me a link to a fantastic examination of Gnome Press at  Written by Earl Terry Kemp and titled ‘The Anthem Series: Part V: Gnome Press’, it is a brief but extremely interesting look at GP in a similar fashion to that of Fantasy Press founder Lloyd Arthur Eshbach‘s recollections in his book Over My Shoulder: Reflections on a Science Fiction Era.

Actually, it isn’t that brief.  Well, the recollections are a bit so, but the included reference to all works by Gnome Press is very extensive.  Ranging from the Gnome Press calendars to the Science Fiction World newsletter, through all the books and including a checklist at the end, it’s a fantastic resource for anyone wanting to see exactly who Gnome Press was and what they produced over their history.  There is info on the different printings and jacket states as well.  I’ll be feeding some of this info into my own trivia page over time and as required.  No meaningful reviews, but the contents of the stories are described.  Alongside the original covers are the covers of the original publications (pulp mags for the most part) where the stories appeared.  I highly recommend anyone interested in GP and the Golden Age of SF to check it out.

The Anthem Series at eFanzines covers the Golden Age specialty press publishers.  The entire series is thus:

Part 1 – Fantasy Press also has the Fantasy Press Story by Lloyd Arthur Eshbach

Part 2 – Fantasy Press (cont)

Part 3 – Prime Press, Avalon Company and Chamberlain Press

Part 4 – Shasta: Publishers, and Gorgon Press

Part 5 – Gnome Press

Part 6 – Arkham House and Mycroft & Moran and the second section here.


4 Responses to “Gnome Press at”

  1. I love this kind of history. I had read Over My Shoulder years ago and wondered if there were histories for the other publishers. You, or their authors, should add these links to Wikipedia so they get permanently remembered.

  2. Got some more good stuff from eFanzines to post about. Stay tuned.
    Regarding Wikipedia, I had a protracted and bad experience with the ‘mods’ there. I’m not keen on contributing. But you’re right. There are many things that deserve to be made available somewhere more visible.

  3. Actually the whole Anthem series was written by Earl TERRY Kemp, Earl’s son who has just issued a (nearly) complete science fiction mags database. You can read more about it in el’s last issue:

  4. Thanks for the correction Chris. I’ve changed it. Wow, that database is certainly a mammoth undertaking. An amazing resource for pulp collectors.

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