I think that’s the term in pro sport when a club signs a star player. Like when the L.A. Galaxy signed David Beckham, or a few years ago when my beloved New Zealand Warriors contracted Steve Price. ‘Marquee signings.’

This morning I picked up one of the marquee titles in the Gnome Press line-up.  Science Fiction Terror Tales edited by Groff Conklin.  I didn’t really mean to win it either.  It started at $195 and I put in a maximum bid of $251.  About 30 seconds from the finish someone trumped my max bid.  I thought about it a bit and came to the conclusion of “What the hell,” and just as a token I submitted a bid of $260.  I was in a rush as time was obviously ticking away and in the last couple of seconds I got it in.  Unbeknown to me, I had inadvertently hit the ‘9’ instead of the ‘0’ and entered $269 by mistake.  This rushed mistake won me the auction – beating the other bidder at $266.88.  A happy mistake.  Now all I have to do is pay for it.  So, I’m also going to pay for this mistake.

For what looks to be at least a VG copy of what is by popular wisdom the rarest of the GP titles, it’s a fair price.  I am very excited about receiving this.

It’s also, incidentally, the first book in the 50 – 75% bracket of books obtained.  A great way to kick off the third quarter.


2 Responses to “Marquee”

  1. That’s a nice one! Congrats!
    You’re now one of the happy few…

    • You bet. I am really excited about receiving it. SFTT is one of those ‘mythical’ Gnome titles like I, Robot. The Sasquatch and Loch Ness Monsters of Gnome Press.

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