QR Code

This is fascinating.  I’ve seen these around on posters and billboards here in Korea but never really knew what they were.  I suspected they were information of some description but had no idea exactly what or how they worked.  I looked into it yesterday.  ‘QR Codes’ they are called – quick response codes.  Check out the originator’s site here, and at wikipedia for more info.  I thought I’d make one (there are numerous generators online) and present it here.  You’ll have to find some way to decode it if you want to find out what it means.
I want one of these on a tshirt.


2 Responses to “QR Code”

  1. Yeah, I’ve heard you can make your own too.
    Google’s Goggle application lets you scan these with your cell phone and identify them, but it’s only available for Android right now. I’m hoping they’ll make a version for BlackBerry since that’s what I use.

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