New Arrivals

Interplantetary Hunter and Invaders from the Infinite arrived today.  Both purchased from the same vendor on eBay, I will use these two books to highlight underhanded practices from eBay sellers.  I’m not going to get too broken up about it, but it is galling when people pull these stunts – the same stunt in both these cases.  Stay tuned for the close-ups on these books.


4 Responses to “New Arrivals”

  1. Soooo…. We’re waiting…. (Don’t tell me… Would that involve a “Fantastic Voyage”…?)

    • Man, I could do with a fantastic voyage.
      I just moved house again and everything is still in boxes and my place is a shambles. On top of that, I have a second job, so I’m working until 10pm every weeknight. Can’t get any reading done, not much time for anything really. I’m not doing any more Close Ups until I get properly set up for it. To that end, I still haven’t obtained a flash nor a light box (my other was demolished in moving a couple of months ago). It’s all a bit frustrating really. Perhaps I should post about my tribulations so anyone who muses at the lack of progress can appreciate the reasons…

      • Bummer! 😦
        Can’t say I’ve been reading a lot lately as well… (My 5 months son is highly involved, but he’s such a cutie… Can’t blame him!)
        I have so little time to read at the moment that I’ve started reading Silver Age comic books again… says it all! (just when the last volume of Hamilton’s Void trilogy is out… Can you believe that? It’s gonna take 2 years to read that!)

        I sigh and whine everytime I look at my stacks of pulps and hardcovers and desperatly try to figure out where I’m gonna hide all of them when he’ll start crawling around…

        Oh well… Big wheel is turning…

        Keep the faith;
        Chris 😉

  2. I obviously meant “when he starts crawling around”… Bummer! Can’t even write proper English anymore! Sigh!…. (again)

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