More GP goodness from eFanzines

This is a post from about 10 months ago that I never hit the ‘Publish’ button on. I have several drafts of things lying around that I’ll try to make headway on over the next couple of weeks.  What a great site to peruse.  There’s stacks of material on early SF.

Something I came across was the recently stocked archive of the Fantasy Review/Science-Fantasy Review – a newsletter for at first Fantasy, and then F/SF fans in the UK.  There are some fantastic articles and reviews contained in these magazines, it really is a Golden Age goldmine.  You can access the entire archive here.

Of interest to us in the context of this site is that the final few issues coincided with the genesis of Gnome Press.  I want to share those particular references (from 1949 & ’50) with you here in their original form, and I also highly recommend you go and check out these publications in their entirety at the eFanzines site.

Fantasy Review Vol. III, No. 13

Fantasy Review Vol. III, No. 14

Fantasy Review Vol. III, No. 15

Science-Fantasy Review Vol. III, No, 16

Science-Fantasy Review Vol IV, No. 17

Science-Fantasy Review Vol, IV, No. 18

There we have it.  You will have noticed several book reviews for early GP titles.  Contemporary reviews of these books are incredibly hard to come by and it’s very special to have these available.

This is just a small taste of the treasure trove of Golden Age trivia, comment and review that these newsletters are.  Go and check them out.


One Response to “More GP goodness from eFanzines”

  1. I’ve printed these a few months ago… They’re absolutely fantastic. Brings everything back to life and you can almost feel what it felt like back then to be a sf fan. A fantastic source of data on pulps as well (stories of the Gernsback mags & Astounding) as well as dozens of critics & “news” on our favourite books & pulps.
    A definite must-read for anyone into vintage sf!

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