A New Jacket…

Well, three jackets actually… And two new books.

From Jim at The Exiles Bookshop over at abebooks.com

Near Fine copies of The Bird of Time by Wallace West and Judith Merril’s SF’59, which completes the SF’xx series from Gnome Press.  Though starting with GP, the series ran on under a different title with other publishers into the 1960s, – up until 1967 with SF12, I believe.

The two of the jackets I picked up are first states of Men Against the Stars and Journey to Infinity, and the other is from Earthman’s Burden.  All three are in mint condition – never having been on books by the look – with absolutely no creasing at all.  Can someone answer me as to why?  Could they be surplus from print runs?  This begs the question: what should I do with them?? Should I put them on the books (I have them all)?  I’m inclined to think that a protected jacket is safest actually on a book rather than stored away somewhere…

Anyway, I’m very happy with the service I got from Jim and recommend you drop by for a look.


4 Responses to “A New Jacket…”

  1. Excellent!

    And yes, Merrill’s Best of series ended with #12.

  2. And to think I was going to recommend Jim over at Exiles to you. I think that’s where I bought “Address:Centauri” from. Which is now on it’s way to you!

    Tim (wtim) Walburg

  3. Bob Walton Says:

    Two things: (1) I have a Foundation by Isaac Asimov, pale green boards, clipped dust jacket, the back of dj includes ref. to SF: ’59 The Year’s Greatest, copyright page only states Copyright 1951. Is this SFBC or second edition? (2) I remember reading somewhere about facsimile dust jackets of Gnome Press books being printed. Is there any truth to this?

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