GP in Paperback Parade

I’ve been sorely remiss in posting about correspondence I’ve had in the past year or so regarding Gnome Press.  Well… ‘sorely remiss’ is a kind of euphemism really.  Putting it succinctly, I’ve just been f***ing lazy.  Time to catch up and pay some dues.

A while back I bought the Armed Forces paperback issue of Pattern for Conquest from Morgan Wallace.  He was kind enough to enlighten me as to his GP interest.  He has all four Gnome paperback issues, and actually wrote a piece for Paperback Parade in 2005 outlining the history of the Gnome Press paperback dalliance.  Morgan sent me scans of his article and of the four GP paperback titles.  Here is first the piece and then his covers.

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Many thanks for these Morgan.  They are greatly appreciated and a fantastic addition here at the Odyssey.  They’ll make a permanent home over on the Trivia page.


2 Responses to “GP in Paperback Parade”

  1. Hello Aaron. A beautiful addition to your fan page on Gnome Press publications. I’m glad to see these make it online and freely accessible to the mainstream world. IF I ever obtain more spare copies of any of these ASE I’ll be sure to drop you a line in the future. Always splendid to meet an SF fan, from any part of the field! Spectacular that you left the Gnome Press ASE paperback scans as full-size versions, too. They appear nicely here. Keep up the good work. Btw, there were also SF translations in the region, especially of the pulp Amazing Stories, published in….Japan !!! They are ultra-rare. If you ever spot them, and can nab them in ANY condition at a fair rate, I’d do it. Happy hunting.

  2. Very interesting post, Aaron! Didn’t have any figures about these rare birds… (Thanks to M Wallace, too…)

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