Q: Where the Hell have I been??

A: Right here, in front of my computer.

But… obviously not posting.  There’s been a helluva lot going on the collecting front though.  Time to catch up on that and a few other things.  I’ve been threatening for a while now – time to come good.  Items to address in no particular order.

  • The Seedling Stars: Review and Close Up
  • Minions of the Moon: Close Up
  • Kindle Paperwhite aquisition
  • Gene Wolfe signed first edition collection expansion
  • Tshirts
  • Gnome Press additions
  • Other Matters

Dunno what I’ll post on first, but to my hardcore readers (I use the plural with poetic license..), these things will follow soon.


2 Responses to “Q: Where the Hell have I been??”

  1. Hi Aaron, I have a lot of original Ric Binkley art work…not the covers, but the actual art that the covers were made out of. I would like to talk to you to get your opinion on the items, if you are interested. Email me if you would like.

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