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Veritable Goldmine…

Posted in eBooks with tags on February 24, 2012 by Aaron

I just found a treasure trove of SF ebooks.  Check out Arthur’s Bookshelf.  There are other genres as well but of special interest to us is his Sci-Fi Bookshelf which holds several Gnome Press published authors along with many of their Golden Age contemporaries.  All books are either .epub and/or .mobi and/or .pdf ready for your ereader.  I’m not sure how many of these are actually supposed to be in the public domain, so get them while you can.  Check out the update to the Gnome Press books online for FREE page for the GP books that are represented.


More free books online…

Posted in eBooks with tags , on February 16, 2012 by Aaron

I just spend some time trawling Project Gutenberg for Gnome Press books.  I uncovered The Vortex Blaster and Invaders from the Infinite which now appear on the Gnome Press books online For FREE page.  While cruising around there searching different authors, I found there are many GP contributors available.  As we know, quite a few GP books were ‘fix-ups’ or cobbled-together short stories to render novel length publications.  Many of these short stories are available on Project Gutenberg as stand-alone parts of serialized tales like they were originally published in the pulps.

Mel Oliver and Space Rover Online…

Posted in eBooks, New Arrivals with tags , , , , on February 11, 2012 by Aaron

Seetee Ship arrived about a week ago.  No problems, looks as I expected it to, which is quite good value for what I paid.  After my recent disappointments, that makes me feel good.

To what the subject of this post is about, I found another GP title – William Morrison’s Mel Oliver and Space Rover on Mars – online.  Online in several places actually.  I added a link to the Scribd version on the Gnome Press Books Online for FREE page.  Get it while you still can as I’m not sure that it’s a title that should be in the public domain…  I downloaded a copy and converted it to a .mobi file to read on my iPhone via the Kindle for iPhone app.  This leads me to talk about the Kindle.  I have never liked reading digitally.  Whether its on the computer screen or on my iPhone, I just can’t seem to concentrate well and it gives me a headache.  I’d never been enthused about the Kindle or other eReaders for those reasons despite never even having seen, let alone tried to read anything on one.  I have heard people I know talk about, and of course I’ve read a lot online about how good the Kindle is and how it recreates the ‘real’ reading experience quite well.  So I thought I’d give it a go – I got Kindle app for my iPhone and gave it a whirl and see what people are talking about.  The iPhone is no Kindle obviously, the screen is like, really small for a start, so I wasn’t expecting a whole lot, but I was very surprised.  Despite the limitations of the iPhone as an eReader, I seemed to have no problems reading at all.  No headache, no loss of concentration, it was great.  I purchased a copy of Big by Lloyd Pye over on Smashwords (just to give Lloyd a plug, he does some great work trying to get the Starchild Skull resolved..) and the reading experience for the entire novel was a breeze!!  I can only imagine on a dedicated eReader, or something like the iPad, it would only be better – bigger screen, bigger words etc.  So for my current iPhone/Kindle endeavor, I’ve started to read Mel and Space Rover.  Actually, I just spent an hour this evening wandering around E-Mart (a big Korean supermarket/homeware chain) doing the groceries with the GF, her brother and his GF (I’m the trolley pusher, which suits me fine), reading the book.  No problems.