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Gnome Press, 50% down and 50% to go!!

Posted in 50%, Progress Report with tags on August 29, 2010 by Aaron

The first 25% took 6 months.  This, the second 25%, has taken a little over a year.

While the process of procuring the previous acquisitions was always exciting, this time around has, while also exciting, certainly had a few more ups and downs.  Chief among the ‘downs’ was my almost 6 month lull in reading and consequent lowered contributions to this blog.  From February to June I only got up only 8 posts, with none in May.  I abandoned reading Judgment Night as I fell so out of touch with the book that I felt it would be better to revisit it later.  I haven’t posted Review since Mutant on December 29th!!  I should have another up in the next couple of weeks though.

That aside, things are pretty much back on track now, and the ‘ups’ have been a few too. The biggest has been the most recent – Science Fiction Terror Tales.  I also picked up a nice copy of Pattern for Conquest which was a very desirable title to me, and SF:56 was a real highlight (see below).  So let’s see how the state of play has been in the Great Gnome Press Science Fiction Odyssey through the second quarter.

Gnome Press: 25 - 50%

Since there are 86 hard cover titles (I’m counting the regular edition and Special Edition issues of The Thirty-first of February as two separate collectables) to collect (excluding BCEs), over the first 50% I’ve split it 22/22.  This means that in point of fact I am one book over the exact half mark.  The next half will be split 21/21.  Note that all categories here are drawn exclusively from the 25 – 50% group.  This works except for Best and Worst Read as I haven’t read them all yet.  That’s too bad.  It looks like some books will never get a shot.  I’m sure something like Science Fiction Terror Tales, the SF’5x books, or even Travelers of Space could have had a decent shot at Best Read.  Perhaps when I get to the very end and have read them all, I’ll look back and attempt to do it properly.  Anyways:

Best Condition:
SF: The Year’s Greatest Science Fiction and Fantasy (SF’56) edited by Judith Merril – Fine+

Worst Condition:
Path of Unreason by George O. Smith would be but was a gift, therefore it’s not in the running, so it has to be Typewriter in the Sky & Fear by L. Ron Hubbard – G-

Most Expensive:
Science Fiction Terror Tales edited by Groff Conklin – $267, and my most expensive acquisition thus far.

SF’58: The Year’s Greatest Science Fiction and Fantasy edited by Judith Merril – $8, real bargain this.

25 – 50% Average Price:
$47 – 10 dollars less than the first 25%, good news!!

Best Read:
Men Against the Stars edited by Martin Greenberg

Worst Read:
Cosmic Engineers by Clifford Simak

Surprise Package:
SF: The Year’s Best Science Fiction and Fantasy (SF:56) edited by Judith Merril. I bought it unseen and on recommendation for the apparent high price of $93.  At a print run of only 3000 copies, it is one of the least common Gnome Press titles, and possibly in the best condition of any I have.  After being a bit anxious about what I had bought, it turned out to be a real find.

Best Moments:
Hands down number one: getting hold of Science Fiction Terror Tales.
Discovering Ms. C.L. Moore as a writer.
Completing the set of the fantastic Adventures in Science Fiction Series of anthologies.  Still two to read.

It’s worth noting that there are still two titles from the first 25% that I haven’t yet read – Sands of Mars and The Vortex Blaster.