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I’m just sitting in a Lotteria (Korea’s McDonalds) in Busan waiting to go to the ferry terminal as the GF and I are off at 9am to Fukuoka in Japan for the weekend.  I was messing around with different blog themes and I have screwed things up somewhat.  I’ve lost all my widgets, links and formatting in the sidebar.  Damn.  Anyway, we boarded the train in Seoul last night and arrived here in Busan at about 4am.  As I said, off to Japan on the fast ferry soon and returning from there at 4pm tomorrow.  We jump on the KTX (Korea’s bullet train) and hit Seoul before midnight tomorrow.  Whistlestop.

I’ve brought Highways in Hiding along for the ride…

Busan Train Station at about 4:30am via iPhone

Gnome Press and the Golden Age of Science Fiction

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As I said I would yesterday, here is the slideshow of the presentation I did a few weeks ago.  First though here is the promo they sent out to members and others:

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You can download a copy of the show below.  As I mentioned, the show itself is without context if I’m not there to speak to it, so you’ll just have to use your imagination as to what I am mentioning or talking about as you go through it.  Anyway, enjoy!!

Gnome Press and the Golden Age of Science Fiction

Library Snapshot updated

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For the first time in a long while, the Library Snapshot accurately reflects it’s current state.


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Picked up a copy of Earthman’s Burden, a CD of Chalker and Owing’s The Science Fantasy Publishers and what looks to be a very nice copy of Mel Oliver and Space Rover on Mars over the past week.

Earthman’s Burden seems to be a reasonable copy, and I’m very happy with what seems to be a NF copy of Mel Oliver and Space Rover.  I’ve been searching for a CD of The Science Fantasy Publishers for a long time now.  The hardcover version tends to be quite pricey and I guess the shipping would be high (it’s quite a big heavy book).  So I’m pleased to get hold of the digital version and hoping I can learn something new about Gnome Press and some of their publications.

The Sorcerer’s House

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It’s very hard to find time these days.  I don’t finish work until 10pm, it’s after 10:30 by the time I get home.  I took this picture on Monday night using the new lightbox I made on the weekend in combo with my two flashes.  I’m not entirely happy with the results.  The problem being that I just can’t spend until after midnight messing around rigging up apparatus to vary lighting diffusion and so forth. I do have to get up at about 6:30 in the morning…

Actually, it’s not too bad for a rushed attempt.  I really want a pure white background with no shadows – I didn’t achieve that.  That aside, as I mentioned in the previous post, it really is a beautifully presented piece of the bookbinder’s art (though no doubt done by a machine..).  Once I get the lighting sorted we’ll have a closer look, but for now, here it is.

Mr Wolfe and other stories and other stories…

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No action around here lately.  However, I did buy a couple of flashes a couple of days ago.  I’m gonna do some experimentation and hopefully get some much needed Close Ups underway.  More importantly though, is the need to actually READ.  Almost finished Two Sought Adventure, so I’ve started a review and I’m threatening to have it up in a week or so… but we’ve heard that before.

Did something a bit different and bought a non-GP book for the first time in, well… almost two years.  I picked up a copy of the Limited Edition The Sorcerer’s House by Gene Wolfe – traycased, signed and one of only 200 copies.  A little pricey it was, and it seems to be a trend these days that when authors release a new book, they do a special limited special edition as well.  Maybe I’ve succumbed to a bit of marketing, but damn, it looks good and it’ll be a great addition to my collection of signed Gene Wolfe first editions.  It was cheaper than any others I could find on the ‘net.  There’s one crazily priced on

I, Robot, fair game on eBay…

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A few days ago, a copy of Asimov’s I, Robot was available on eBay.  This was interesting because the start price was set very low, though it did have a reserve set.  You can see the completed auction here, at least while it’s still available.  Below are a couple of the images that I swiped from the auction.

As we know, this is the absolute pinnacle of Gnome Press collecting. One of the pinnacles of all of SF collecting for all that. I was extremely interested in the outcome of this. Books are often posted with ‘Buy Now’ prices, but this practice gives no real indication of what a book is really worth. The online dealers don’t help much either as from what I’ve observed over the past couple of years tells me that the typical dealer prices a book something like from 50% to 75% or even more over what a no reserve auction will fetch on eBay. So, as I mentioned, the outcome of this particular auction would be a real eye-opener.  It was.  Reaching a final price of $380, and not reaching reserve meant that it didn’t sell of course. I was surprised.  I expected it to fetch at least $500 or even more.  This particular copy isn’t in great condition, sure, but it isn’t all that bad either considering the status of the title.  Reflecting upon this, I suspect that having a reserve hurt the ultimate value of the auction.

Anyway, thought it was worth chalking this one up for posterity and future reference.