For Gnome Press Collectors

Here I’ll present any works that are directly relevant to collecting Gnome Press in particular.  If these items are of interest to you I urge you to pick up your own copies.  Any of them will be an absolutely indispensable addition to your library.

A NICE ARTICLE about collecting Gnome Press books in Fantasy Newsletter #52 from 1982. Written by Robert Weinberg.

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EXCELLENT GNOME PRESS BIBLIOGRAPHY with opinions by Jack L. Chalker & Mark Owings.  From The Science-Fantasy Publishers.  Also check out the Preface and Introduction to this comprehensive and voluminous tome.  You need this book.

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MORE BIBLIOGRAPHIC INFO culled and assembled from Currey’s Science Fiction and Fantasy Authors: A Bibliography of First Printings of Their Fiction and Selected Non-Fiction.  Another must-have for collectors.  Not every GP first edition is represented in this work.  Tom Godwin’s The Survivors is absent for example.

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MORE BIBLIOGRAPHY from Earl Terry Kemp at eFanzines.  I posted about this a while ago but having it here also makes sense.  This also includes a reasonably detailed look at the the other stuff Gnome Press produced: Calendars, Science Fiction World newsletter and the Pick-A-Book flyers.  Another interesting element here is the inclusion of the original pulp issue magazines where many of the GP titles first appeared.

The Anthem Series: Part V: Gnome Press

ARMED FORCES PAPERBACKS are a little-known product of Gnome Press. Morgan Wallace wrote and article for the May 2005 issue of Paperback Parade focusing on these editions.

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Many thanks Morgan for providing the Odyssey with this info. Check out his covers over on the Trivia page.


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