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Review II: Starman’s Quest

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Robert Silverberg

This book has recently become available at  I thought I’d take the opportunity to listen to it and feed back the experience into the review I did a few months ago.

Unfortunately, it didn’t do anything to change my opinion.  The body of the story is great, right up until Alan inherits his money and takes on development of the Cavour drive.  As I pointed out in the original Review, the big disappointment is the end and this is exacerbated in audio form.  With audio books, it is very easy to just switch off for a minute or so.  If you do that towards the end of this book, as you switch back in you will wonder what the hell is going on as the story progresses in giant leaps.  And all of a sudden it’s over.  As I did with the book, I kind of felt a little cheated out of a fulfilling read (or listen, as the case may be).

It’s frustrating, as there is some great material and ideas here.  Despite all this, the book is well read by Dawn Larsen.  It’s very easy to listen to her voice and she is well paced.  All in all, Starman’s Quest is worth reading or listening to, but pay attention at the end.


A little news…

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I finished The Shrouded Planet last night and went straight on to it’s sequel, The Dawning Light.  I’m gonna do a double header Close Up and likewise for the Review.  Should be interesting.  So far, I’m enjoying the story very much.  It’s building nicely in a well constructed world.

I visited last night to check it out.  I posted about it a while ago, but they have a few free audio books from Gnome Press authors.  There is only one Gnome Press book – Plague Ship by Andrew North (Andre Norton).  I’ll read the book before listening to that, but I downloaded Murray Leinster‘s Space Tug, which I’m listening to at the moment.  Starman’s Quest is currently a project at Librivox, I signed up to be notified when it’s done.  I’m looking forward to that.  I’ve often toyed with the idea of doing some of the Gnome stuff for audio.  But I don’t have a clue how to determine what is in the public domain, and what isn’t.

There has been very little of interest come up on eBay lately.  Things are a little slow.

Some free SF online…

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I just found a really cool site.  Best Science Fiction Stories is a site with short synopsis/reviews accompanied with links to many SF stories online.  There are a few Gnome Press authors such as Asimov, Murray Leinster, Lewis Padgett, Heinlein and Arthur C. Clarke available on the site.  The selection of stories available on the site covers the whole history of SF, extending from the 1930s all the way up to the present day.  There are a few audio books available too.  I thoroughly recommend checking it out, and I’ll be placing a link over on the right.  Because I like it a lot, I’m also going to use the ‘Welcome’ page on that site as inspiration and rewrite the one (or what passes for one) on this.  Actually, it’s a very well thought out and constructed site.  Props to the guy that runs it, Rusty.  Nice work.  He’s also a huge Gene Wolfe fan like myself.

Audio – Plague Ship by Andrew North

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Andrew North was a pseudonym used by Andre Norton.  The book is a Gnome Press publication from 1956. Click on the image to jump to a page where you can download or listen to it. From LibriVox Audio.  Just to give LibriVox a plug, they have many classic titles, several more by Norton and also from other Gnome Press authors Murray Leinster and Randall Garrett. Enjoy.