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Interesting Things…

Posted in Gene Wolfe, New Arrivals with tags , , , , , on July 20, 2011 by Aaron

I picked up another copy of Address: Centauri by F.L. Wallace a couple of weeks ago and it arrived yesterday.

Some interesting things surround the circumstances of this.  I asked the seller, Tim, to send me a couple of images so I could see the condition of the book a bit better.  The condition seemed to be indeed better (but not much) than my copy, and I directed Tim to the Close Up so he could see for himself the comparison.  Tim, it so happened, had previously learned of Gnome Press through this website!!


In addition, the jacket is in slightly better cosmetic condition than my copy, the pages are less GP age-toned, and… the binding is different.  This surprised me.  F.L. Wallace has no listing in Currey and there is no binding info anywhere else I have seen.  My original copy has tan boards and this one from Tim has navy blue boards.  This is something for the Trivia section.


Anyway, many thanks for the book Tim.

I received an email from a gentleman who is apparently working on a show for the Discovery Science Channel entitled ‘Prophets of Science Fiction’.  He was wondering about obtaining the rights to use some GP cover art in the show.  It’s an interesting question as to who actually has them these days.  I don’t know of course, but suggested he contact Brian at Red Jacket Press and also try First Edition Library as a couple of their books were GP reproductions.  I imagine these two companies would have had to secure the right to use original GP cover art somehow for their reproductions, and they could probably advise him better than I.  He was particularly interested in Heinlein and Asimov.  I imagine any cover art would now belong to the artist or their estate.

We’ll see what becomes of this.  Interesting.

In other slightly interesting news, It hasn’t arrived yet, but I picked up Gene Wolfe’s latest book Home Fires in limited edition, tray-cased form.  From the same publisher and very similar to The Sorcerer’s House which I got a few months ago.  I followed that up by putting bids on a couple of Hugh Walters books, Destination Mars and Expedition Venus.  I have so badly wanted to get some of his YA books as I enjoyed them so much when I first started reading SF out of the old Napier Public Library.

Also have a bid on another book which fired my imagination and scared the hell out of me when I was about 8 or 9 years old.  I enjoyed reading it again and again way back then.  A 1st edition A Book of Ghosts and Goblins by Ruth Manning-Sanders.  I really hope I pick this up as well.  It’s one of those books that you think about often over the years.


The Sorcerer’s House

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It’s very hard to find time these days.  I don’t finish work until 10pm, it’s after 10:30 by the time I get home.  I took this picture on Monday night using the new lightbox I made on the weekend in combo with my two flashes.  I’m not entirely happy with the results.  The problem being that I just can’t spend until after midnight messing around rigging up apparatus to vary lighting diffusion and so forth. I do have to get up at about 6:30 in the morning…

Actually, it’s not too bad for a rushed attempt.  I really want a pure white background with no shadows – I didn’t achieve that.  That aside, as I mentioned in the previous post, it really is a beautifully presented piece of the bookbinder’s art (though no doubt done by a machine..).  Once I get the lighting sorted we’ll have a closer look, but for now, here it is.


Posted in Gene Wolfe, New Arrivals with tags , , , , on November 21, 2010 by Aaron

The Sorcerer’s House arrived a couple of days ago.  It’s a fantastically presented book – the highest quality hardcover I have ever seen beautifully presented in a velvet (or something like it..) lined tray case.

Picked up a copy of Murray Leinster’s Colonial Survey a couple of days ago too.  Eagerly awaiting that.

Mr Wolfe and other stories and other stories…

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No action around here lately.  However, I did buy a couple of flashes a couple of days ago.  I’m gonna do some experimentation and hopefully get some much needed Close Ups underway.  More importantly though, is the need to actually READ.  Almost finished Two Sought Adventure, so I’ve started a review and I’m threatening to have it up in a week or so… but we’ve heard that before.

Did something a bit different and bought a non-GP book for the first time in, well… almost two years.  I picked up a copy of the Limited Edition The Sorcerer’s House by Gene Wolfe – traycased, signed and one of only 200 copies.  A little pricey it was, and it seems to be a trend these days that when authors release a new book, they do a special limited special edition as well.  Maybe I’ve succumbed to a bit of marketing, but damn, it looks good and it’ll be a great addition to my collection of signed Gene Wolfe first editions.  It was cheaper than any others I could find on the ‘net.  There’s one crazily priced on

It’s a Library Thing…

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After reading a recent post stored in Jim’s Auxiliary Memory, I decided to look into LibraryThing.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time entering many of the books I have – all the GP ones and a few others I have besides.  As Jim points out in his post, it’s quite interesting to see how many other people on the site have the same books as you.  Some of these people have staggeringly large libraries – thousands of books.  I don’t aspire to have that many titles, but there are certain books that I want to get eventually.  It begs the question (for me at least): what good is having all these books??  To my way of thinking, unless a title is a first (or otherwise important) edition, where’s the significance in having it??  Anything other than a first edition is for all intents and purposes worthless.  So, you have a few hundred paperbacks, so what??  Buy the thing to read it, sure, but after that, where’s the significance in owning it??  Why take up valuable space??

In my opinion, a four-book library consisting of first editions of, for example, I, Robot, Titus Groan, Stranger in a Strange Land and Dune is a hell of a lot more impressive than a couple of thousand paperbacks.  Indeed, it’s immeasurably more impressive than all the first editions I have at the moment – and that includes a couple of other Heinlein firsts.

Perhaps I’m being a little harsh, after all, we often form a kind of attachment to these things for various reasons or a combination of reasons.  As a personal example, I would like to someday have back the Arrow paperback editions of Gene Wolfe‘s The Book of the New Sun because not only is he my favorite author and that is my favorite series of books, but because at age about 13 or 14 those particular editions were my introduction to Gene Wolfe’s work and Bruce Pennington‘s accompanying cover art is second to none in delivering the feel and atmosphere of that particular story.

click through for a better view

I found what looks like a reproduction of the original cover art of Shadow of the Torturer here amongst some of his other cover art.  Actually, I have had at various times many paperback editions graced by Pennington’s art: the Dune series, quite a few Brian Aldiss titles, Clark Ashton Smith collections and several other works by Wolfe.

Anyway, I seem to have strayed a bit from LibraryThing, so back to that.  I’ve only entered the hardback first editions I have.  I haven’t bothered to note the few paperbacks of mine I have left, with reference to what I mentioned earlier, I don’t see the point – they’re not worth parading as part of my book collection.  I’m considering putting them under the ‘Read But Unowned’ category.  To complete that list, what an exercise in recall that will be.