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Some free SF online…

Posted in Audio Books, Uncategorized with tags , on March 19, 2009 by Aaron

I just found a really cool site.  Best Science Fiction Stories is a site with short synopsis/reviews accompanied with links to many SF stories online.  There are a few Gnome Press authors such as Asimov, Murray Leinster, Lewis Padgett, Heinlein and Arthur C. Clarke available on the site.  The selection of stories available on the site covers the whole history of SF, extending from the 1930s all the way up to the present day.  There are a few audio books available too.  I thoroughly recommend checking it out, and I’ll be placing a link over on the right.  Because I like it a lot, I’m also going to use the ‘Welcome’ page on that site as inspiration and rewrite the one (or what passes for one) on this.  Actually, it’s a very well thought out and constructed site.  Props to the guy that runs it, Rusty.  Nice work.  He’s also a huge Gene Wolfe fan like myself.