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The Starchild Skull

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Several years ago, I stumbled over a mystery on the Internet.  I stumble over many mysteries here and there as I take a passing interest in odd or unusual things and alternative explanations to accepted theories.  Most of these things are, of course, interesting, and not to be taken too seriously.  However, occasionally the odd thing that initially seems to fly in the face on convention stacks up to scrutiny and presents a real and credible challenge to established point of view.  I used to be a manufacturing engineer and have a very practical problem solving approach.  Rather than just accept all the facts that fit and ignore those which don’t, I prefer to focus on what can’t be explained and look for that issue(s) to be addressed satisfactorily.  Some things demand to be addressed rather than dismissed out of hand or swept under the carpet without serious investigation.

One of my pet interests and one which I follow very carefully is the Electric Universe.  There are so many things out there in astronomy, cosmology and planetary science that when we look at them really closely and objectively, defy conventional explanation.  The myriad features of ‘impact’ crater morphology is just one of many, many fantastic and extremely compelling examples in this field.  I noticed some news on the NASA website a couple of days ago that ‘hidden portals’ have been discovered between the earth and the sun.  Surprise, surprise, they are electrical in nature.  If you have been taking notice over the last ten years or so, you will have noted that the role of electricity in the universe is becoming more recognized and acknowledged by the establishment.  I wrote a bit about the Electric Universe theory here.

Anyway…  that’s not what I’m talking about here.  Since about 2001/2002 I’ve been following with a great deal of interest the saga of the Starchild Skull.  How I first happened upon this I don’t recall, but I do remember thinking something like “Wow, that doesn’t look human.”  I looked a little more into this and found there was some guy called Lloyd Pye trying to establish exactly what this thing might be.  To cut a long story short, the road that Lloyd has traveled to get to the bottom of this has been long and difficult.  In the process, there has been a lot learned about this skull and the mystery is getting closer to being solved and no less unusual.

Because of Lloyd’s background and the angle he comes at this from, he kind of alienates (pun intended) the establishment.  Lloyd postulated from the outset that this was the skull of an alien.  Not something that would engender trust or participation from most medical professionals or scientists, and indeed this has proven to be the case.  However, the recognition or involvement by most experts doesn’t change what this skull is.  The fact is that a few scientists and credible medical experts have, and are examining this thing and the closer it is examined the closer we seem to be getting to something truly extraordinary.

Just let me back off a bit here and give my personal view on this.  As I said, my immediate reaction as I recall was that I didn’t think this thing looked human.  That’s not to say it isn’t, but aside from the general structure – everything appeared to be in the right place to at least resemble something human – the overall feel I got from looking at the skull said something else.  Not scientific at all by any stretch of the imagination, but what I’m saying here is that you know that feeling you get when something just doesn’t look or feel right??  I had that.  And I imagine that this gut reaction is what most people have when looking at it for the first time.  If Lloyd’s anecdotes from the early days of his quest are true, this is borne out by the medical professionals that wouldn’t even touch the thing and wanted him out of the office when it was presented to be examined.

Whether the skull is from an ‘alien’ or not shouldn’t be the focus.  The focus should be on what this thing actually IS.  Regardless of what anyone thinks or Lloyd’s take on it, the overall reaction from medical science has been both dismissive and deafening in it’s silence.  If it is just human as is assumed, then the combination of physical differences presented in this way should have doctors, experts and scientists all over this thing trying to get their names in lights for exposing something truly unique to medicine.  Shouldn’t it?  Or is this just a quirky or ho-hum kind of case.  It certainly doesn’t look ho-hum to me.  It looks serious.

It’s looking even more serious now that solid DNA evidence is coming to light.  It might prove to be human though based on the evolving DNA situation, that seems unlikely.  But if it does, then great – at least we will have an answer.  Below is a video summarizing several aspects of the skull from both the physical and current DNA perspectives.  On Lloyd’s YouTube channel and on there is much more detailed information on the history of the research and the various aspects of the skull’s many unique elements.  If you watch this video as a starting point, I’m sure you’ll agree that whatever the hell this thing really is, it’s absolutely extraordinary.

After thinking on what I’ve written here, I just want to add a few follow-up thoughts as if you’re like me the very next thing you’ll do is look for the other side of the coin.  There is a lot of misguided opinion and disinformation out there regarding the Starchild Skull.  Lloyd deals with it all very effectively in the information he presents, but unfortunately many people don’t do their due diligence on this subject before offering their view, or believe the opinion of those that have never actually seen the skull let alone examined it carefully.  If you can’t be bothered availing yourself of everything Lloyd presents then here are a few things I want to add here.

1. ‘Starchild’ is a misnomer.  It’s a label unfortunately picked up when research began 12 or 13 years ago.  At that time it was assumed to be a child, but since proven not so through it’s dental condition.  The ‘star’ part has also unfairly prejudiced opinion and has been very unfortunate from the credibility perspective.

2. People on discussion boards and in blog articles claim it to be cradleboarded or hydrocephalic or suffering from progeria or any number of physical deformations and/or genetic disorders.  These people have not actually examined the skull.  All of these conditions have been discounted.  Again, do your own research before arriving at a conclusion.  Forming your opinion based on that of people like these, rather than those that have spent time physically examining the skull is irresponsible.

3. People on discussion boards and in blog articles often claim that Lloyd is in it for the money.  He’s using the skull’s fame (or infamy, however you want to look at it) to make an easy living and scam the gullible out of money.  I can assure you he’s not, but even if he was, that still doesn’t change the nature of what he holds.  People use this as a smokescreen to cloud the issue.  I prefer to stick with the facts.  It IS a real bone skull.  It IS incredibly unusual and it DOES deserve a full scientific explanation, whatever that may be.

4. One popular question is that if it really is that unusual, why aren’t experts clamoring to be involved?  A great question.  Lloyd has been like a bulldog on this thing for a long time, he been consistent and persistent with his research and efforts.  He hasn’t backed down in the face of ridicule, personal attacks and personal hardship.  All the while, the evidence has been growing steadily.  Now, I’ll ask the first question in a different way; if this thing has such a simple, mundane explanation, why haven’t the ‘experts’ been queuing up to disprove, debunk and discredit?  In fact the skull is available to be examined by ANY scientist.  It’s open to those who might wish to conclusively disprove, debunk and discredit by proper objective examination or DNA testing or whatever.  The fact is none have been willing to step up and do so.  Why??

Something is for sure, one way or another, the Starchild Skull will prove to be an amazing artifact.


Mel Oliver and Space Rover Online…

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Seetee Ship arrived about a week ago.  No problems, looks as I expected it to, which is quite good value for what I paid.  After my recent disappointments, that makes me feel good.

To what the subject of this post is about, I found another GP title – William Morrison’s Mel Oliver and Space Rover on Mars – online.  Online in several places actually.  I added a link to the Scribd version on the Gnome Press Books Online for FREE page.  Get it while you still can as I’m not sure that it’s a title that should be in the public domain…  I downloaded a copy and converted it to a .mobi file to read on my iPhone via the Kindle for iPhone app.  This leads me to talk about the Kindle.  I have never liked reading digitally.  Whether its on the computer screen or on my iPhone, I just can’t seem to concentrate well and it gives me a headache.  I’d never been enthused about the Kindle or other eReaders for those reasons despite never even having seen, let alone tried to read anything on one.  I have heard people I know talk about, and of course I’ve read a lot online about how good the Kindle is and how it recreates the ‘real’ reading experience quite well.  So I thought I’d give it a go – I got Kindle app for my iPhone and gave it a whirl and see what people are talking about.  The iPhone is no Kindle obviously, the screen is like, really small for a start, so I wasn’t expecting a whole lot, but I was very surprised.  Despite the limitations of the iPhone as an eReader, I seemed to have no problems reading at all.  No headache, no loss of concentration, it was great.  I purchased a copy of Big by Lloyd Pye over on Smashwords (just to give Lloyd a plug, he does some great work trying to get the Starchild Skull resolved..) and the reading experience for the entire novel was a breeze!!  I can only imagine on a dedicated eReader, or something like the iPad, it would only be better – bigger screen, bigger words etc.  So for my current iPhone/Kindle endeavor, I’ve started to read Mel and Space Rover.  Actually, I just spent an hour this evening wandering around E-Mart (a big Korean supermarket/homeware chain) doing the groceries with the GF, her brother and his GF (I’m the trolley pusher, which suits me fine), reading the book.  No problems.