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Chalker and Owings: The Science-Fantasy Publishers

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on May 2, 2011 by Aaron

A few months ago, I got hold of the CD version of The Science-Fantasy Publishers: A Bibliographic History 1923-2002 Electronic Edition by Jack L. Chalker & Mark Owings.  Here is an image of the Third Edition from which the Electronic Edition is based.  It was published by Mirage Press whom seem to be defunct now.

This work is a must for any serious collector of Science Fiction or Fantasy.  Speaking from the Gnome Press perspective, there is some fantastic insight into their history and many great little tidbits of information along with the bio on each title.  This is true of every other publisher covered in this comprehensive tome.  I was going to present the Gnome section of the work here in a post, but I think I’ll start a new page on this blog for third-party GP info such as this.

I just did.  You can find it here.  I hope nobody minds, it’s here for the edification of all.

Below though, is the preface and introduction to the volume.  I thought it worth delivering also as it gives a detailed insight into the reasons and methodology behind the reference.  It really is a fascinating read.  I really stress once more, if you are a collector of science fiction and/or fantasy, or even just interested in the history surrounding the publishing of these genres, then I unreservedly recommend getting hold of this.


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