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Movement in the right direction…

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , , on February 24, 2010 by Aaron

The Macbook is getting closer.  I’ve been waiting a long time to have my very own computer again – a whole year!!

Also, yesterday I picked up editor Judith Merril’s SF’57 off eBay.  It’s a copy that’s been kicking around there for a while and the price has dropped during that time to about half what it was originally listed at.  I got it for $12.  It looks to be in Good condition, and at that price, a pretty good deal I thought.  A copy of Travelers of Space with a Fine jacket together with a jacketless Five Science Fiction Novels (both edited by Martin Greenberg) went for $103 on eBay today.  Wow.  I have both books, Five Science Fiction Novels in better condition with a jacket (see the Close Up) and my copy of Travelers of Space is also in Fine condition (it hasn’t made it to the blog yet but it’s in similar condition to my copy of SF’56).  This puts me in good heart as to the value of the copies I have.  Especially as the jacket of Travelers was noted in the auction to be ‘married to the book,’ whatever that means.


New Arrivals

Posted in New Arrivals with tags , , , , , on May 7, 2009 by Aaron

Three books that I’d been looking forward to receiving were waiting when I got home from work today.  ‘Travelers of Space’ (along with a copy of the more unusual blue dust jacket), ‘Men Against the Stars’ and ‘Five Science Fiction Novels’.  All edited by Martin Greenberg and were about in the condition that I expected, perhaps a little less so.  Close Ups forthcoming of course.  Packed in was a copy of the dust jacket for ‘Children of the Atom’, but I just don’t know if it’s better than my version or not.  Hard to tell.
The Review of ‘The Forgotten Planet’ will be up presently.

More on the way…

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Yesterday I paid and today they were posted.  Two more of the ‘Adventures in Science Fiction Series’ collections that I have grown to love so much.  Travelers of Space and the first in the series Men Against the Stars along with the anthology Five Science Fiction Novels.  All edited by Gnome Press co-founder, Martin Greenberg.  In addition, packed in with them is a dust jacket for Children of the Atom and the uncommon blue version of the jacket for ‘Travelers’.  Men against the Stars has sensational cover art by Edd Cartier too.  I am certainly looking forward to receiving them maybe sometime next week.  It’s always a nevous wait.  I hope they are in good as condition as they seemed to be in the photos I saw.  Not that they were perfect, but they weren’t too shabby either.  Come to think of it, I never made sure to check out the back of the books… Here’s hoping.


Posted in Comparisons with tags , , on March 30, 2009 by Aaron

I’ve recently been in contact with a fellow Gnome Press collector – Christophe Burg.  It’s been great to share thoughts with a like mind.  Christophe has a signed copy of Travelers of Space and kindly sent me an image of the signature in that book for comparison with the signature I have in my copy of Journey to Infinity.  Comparison below.

They certainly look the same to me.  I raised the question in the Close Up of ‘Journey’ and it’s great to have someone out there come up with an answer.  I have some additional tidbits of information from him, and these will come up in the future once I get around to the books concerned.  Many thanks Christophe, much appreciated and stay in touch.